Depressed Skull Fracture

CT  Scan Bony Window is as shown below


There are two main classification of a depressed skull fracture and include:

  1. Simple depressed fracture- no overlying laceration and no risk of infection
  2. Compound depressed fracture- the risk here is the risk of a dural tear that may result in CSF leakage with meningitis/cerebral abscess

Be aware that if a patient is hypotensive, tachycardic suggest a ‘dural venous bleed’ that risk of haemorrhage can be catastrophic


  1. Infection
  2. Epilepsy


Conservative or Surgical

Factors favouring surgical management

  1. Neurological complications- focal deficit due to underlying cortical contusion
  2. Open wound communicating with fracture
  3. Away from dural venous sinus
  4. dural laceration in a child
  5. fracture depressed more than one table with of the skull
  6. for cosmesis